Robotic Mowers

Yard Force use latest technologies and patented features to bring you top of the range of garden products. With a robotic mower range from easy-to-use plug and play models for lawns of 260m², right through to the boundary-less, GPS guided Revola™ covering lawns up to 3000m² , we have products to meet all your garden requirements.

Image shows the all new Revola GPS robotic mower, show it's GEN Member badge.
TUV certificate image and barcode to scan and view the official TUV website.

Carbon Footprint

At Yard Force, we are dedicated to preserving the environment, which is why we are proud to be the first robotic mower manufacturer to receive the Green Product Approval marking from TÜV Rheinland and be members of the Global Ecolabelling Network. This certification assures our customers that we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and that our products meet the highest standards for eco-friendliness.

Freezone Technology

Introducing our new, patented Freezone feature – a cutting-edge technology that boosts mowing efficiency. By dividing the boundary wire into sections, the mower can effortlessly resume its mowing pattern from where it last finished, ensuring that every inch of your lawn is expertly trimmed with no missed spots.
Illustration highlighting the Freezone feature in a garden.
A Yard Force robotic mower showing the iradar features.

– iRadar™ the Ultrasonic Sensors

The iRadar™ Integrated ultrasonic sensors serve as a critical safety feature that enables the robot to detect obstacles in its path and automatically adjust its mowing pattern to avoid collisions. This advanced technology not only enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the mowing process, but it also ensures a safer and more reliable experience for users.

Illustration showing the iRadar features.

iRadar™, the Ultrasonic sensor is built into all Compact, NX and Revola Series robotic mowers, using Active Safety to avoid collisions and obstacles such as children or pets.

Easy installation

Simple installation through clear control panel icons for easy programming and quick install boundary wires where applicable. A cleverly designed smart phone app allows remote control programming, adjustment of working schedules, cutting zone changes, and even garden mapping for Revola™ model. Giving you complete control whether you are at home or away.
Easymow robot mower showing the easy installation feature.
Picture of an NX series robot mower, controllable via the Cloudhawk app.

Full control via smartphone App

The easy-to-operate CloudHawk™ App means you can control the mower from a distance, adjust the working schedule, change cutting zones, and send the mower back to charge all from the convenience of your phone. All Yard Force robots can be controlled remotely, either via Bluetooth™ or WiFi.

CloudHawk™ App

With a cleverly designed app available on most models, you can set up, control, and monitor your robotic lawnmower, whether you are at home or away. Download the CloudHawk™ app for your mobile device.

A new era of robotic mowing

Our latest range of robotic lawnmowers, the Revola™ series, is perfect for large gardens of up to 3000m². These boundary-free robotic mowers offer a hassle-free solution to lawn maintenance, eliminating the need for manual labor. Simply use your smartphone to map out your garden and let the robot navigate on its own, freely roaming throughout your garden.

Coming Soon

The all new Revola robotic Lawnmower. Coming soon.

Robotic mower size guide

Use our handy garden sizer below to find the right robot for your garden.

Smaller Size Lawns

EasyMow 260B

Ideal for smaller garden spaces up to 260m2 it returns automatically to the docking station when it needs to recharge.


Compact 280R

Ideal for smaller garden spaces up to 260m2 it returns automatically to the docking station when it needs to recharge.


Smaller Size Lawns

Medium Gardens

Compact 400Ri

Great for medium-sized gardens up to 400m2 you can manage the mower from any location with App technology on your phone.



Easily manages larger lawns up to 500m2. It has built-in rain, lift and obstacle sensors and returns to the docking station when it needs to recharge.


Medium Sized Gardens

Large Gardens


Perfect for large lawns up to 600m2.
Mow-on-Demand technology allows it to save energy and adjust cutting performance while mowing.



Perfect for large lawns up to 1000m2.
Mow-on-Demand technology allows it to save energy and adjust cutting performance while mowing.


Large Sized Gardens