Cordless Platforms

No more cables, no more fumes, no more fuss!

5 Different Battery Share Platforms 

The VITA, CR20, GR40, 40V and 7.2V product ranges each have batteries which power a range of products and can be easily interchanged between lawnmowers, grass & hedge trimmers, chainsaws, pressure washers and blower vacs, for hassle-free, everyday use around your home and garden.

The specific battery can be shared between different tools, giving you more freedom and unrestricted access to all your outdoor areas, without the hindrance of power cords.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable

Much lighter than petrol powered equivalents and the advantage of not being tethered by a cord, battery powered garden tools give you all the power you need to move freely and complete all tasks with ease.

Cordless hedge trimmer being used to cut a hedge by man in safety gear.
Battery being inserted into a cordless lawn mower!

Eco-friendly and Efficient

Taking advantage of the latest lithium-ion technology, battery powered garden tools run efficiently, without emitting harmful pollutants into the air, for a greener environment. Batteries are replacing fossil fuels, as a way forward in helping to reduce the impact on global warming.
Quick and Easy

Once fully charged, simply insert the battery, start the tool and you are ready to go! No cords or extension reels to worry about, no tripping hazards, just pure peace of mind.

The right amount of power for you..

Ranging from 4V to 40V, the different battery power options can deliver the right solutions to keep your garden looking great, all year round.

Keep it cut, keep it clean, keep it cool, keep it cordless!

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GR40 Cordless Range

Great for those bigger garden tasks that are more demanding.


CR20 Cordless Range

Ideal for your standard day to day garden tasks.